Wednesday, 30 December 2015

What I got for christmas


I know I posted some stuff on my Pinterest about what I got for Christmas but blogger is my home. I love Pinterest but I wanted to tell you guys as well. I will not tell you everything as it is all put away in my room and I cant remember it all. Also I'm too lazy to get up and find it all...

I don't know how to do this without pictures so I guess I'm just going to write a list.
  • Music: One direction- MADE IN THE A.M., Selena Gomez- REVIVAL
  • Films: Paper Towns (which is my favourite book!), Frozen and Tangled
  • Books: Tyler Oakley- BINGE, Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil- THE AMAZING BOOK IS NOT ON FIRE, Zoe Sugg- GIRL ONLINE ON TOUR
  • Electrical items: A kindle, iPhone 5s in gold, Skullcandy earphones in purple
  • Makeup and skincare: Ted Baker- PERFECTLY POLISHED nail polish set, Benefit- YOUR SO PARTY gift set, Seventeen- THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION, Studio London- DAY TO NIGHT SERIES, NUMBER 2, Simple- GIFT OF KINDNESS
  • Clothing: Pink converse all star, four new look t-shirts, pink bear dressing gown from topshop, pinafore from topshop, 5 seconds of summer beanie
  • Fragrance: Daisy perfume gift set, two Hollister perfumes: silver strand bay and Palisades beach
  • Random: two mini stationary sets, some highlighters, a tatty teddy bear, a yankee candle, a purse, notebooks, chocolate
I am so thankful for everything I have been given. This Christmas has truly been an amazing time. I learnt the most valuable thing I could ever of learnt. That people deserve to be forgiven. People make mistakes and they regret those mistakes. I forgive my dad for everything he has done for me. Even though I may still feel so scared around him and I may never be able to trust him again he deserves to be forgiven for what he has done. So does my whole family. They may not of treated me the way most families treat each other but I should be thankful for what I have and I should be hopeful that next year we clean the slate. That we start afresh.

Love from,
Scarlett x


  1. I CANT WAIT TO READ GIRL ONLINE ON TOUR! It's sitting on my shelf waiting til I finish LOVE TANYA xx it's sooo exciting!
    Happy new year!!!!!!!!!

    1. I am so excited to find out where the story goes!!!