Wednesday, 24 August 2016

My merch collection | 5SOS | Clothing


I have a nice sized collection of merch, I still want to expand on it but I thought I would share what I have with you guys so far. Today I am going to be showing you guys all the clothing items of merch I have. I am aware I have a lot of 5 Seconds of Summer merch. Also I am not going to write about each item.

The first item I actually couldn't take my own picture of because it is currently in the loft. So it's just a black and white beanie which has 5 Seconds of Summer wrote around it. I absolutely love this hat and to make it even better my best friend got it for me! Here is a link to it:

Next is this jumper (sweat top?) which I absolutely love. Honestly I don't wear it out the house but I love wearing it when I'm in my pjs or not going out anywhere (so basically all the time!). This was from Primark and my mom got it me a while ago. It is literally the most comfy thing I own! Its great to just throw on.
This t-shirt is really special to me as it was the first piece of merch I ever bought. I'm pretty sure I've had it ever since I started listening to 5SOS in 2013 but maybe I didn't buy this until 2014, I'm not certain. It is their old logo which I really like. This is so comforting to me. Not only is it the perfect bagginess which still looks good but feels amazing but it also has so much meaning behind it. Literally everything about it is perfect. I remember when I saw it in Primark and I freaked out!

At first when I saw this t-shirt I didn't like it but it began growing on me. This was actually the first time I saw the new logo so I just found it strange. But being the 5 Seconds of summer fan I am I had to buy it! Now I love it! I love how most of my 5SOS merch has grey backgrouds, idk why I just really love grey tshirts. Anyway this just has the skull but in its eyes and on the banners around the skull there is red and grey check/ tartan looking material. I really love the subtle colours. Also it's so cool how it looks like there is paint dripping down from it. Okay now I am just rambling!

Oh my is there a story behind this t-shirt. Strap yourselves in and get ready for this because I have a lot to say! It was a Friday which was the day before my 16th Birthday. My best friend (we weren't as close at the time) bought in my present to school. I opened it and saw this t-shirt and I literally screamed. No joke right there in the cafeteria I got it out and put it on over my uniform. As I was going to slfl with her I thought it would be cute to wear this. So this is the t-shirt I wore to my first ever concert.

Okay last one! I spent a very long time at the slfl merch stand trying to decide on which t-shirt I should get. I chose this one (which seemed to be the less popular one) as I liked the design better. Honestly I love this so much. I had been dreaming of having one of these type of shirts for years. Finally I have one! I love it so much! It means so much to me as it was from my first concert, the best night of my life. One of my favourite things to do when wearing it is to get people to try and find Birmingham on the back as that's the show I went to.

I hope you enjoyed this post of me rambling on about 5SOS, I do have a few other merch posts scheduled so you have that to look forward to!

Love you lots,
Scarlett xxx

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