Saturday, 26 December 2015

Changing the look of my blog

Hey there,

So as you may of noticed I have been spending a lot more time on my blog than usual simply for the reason that I am so proud of it. However I was not proud of the way it looked. I didn't like the way the title covered the whole screen and to be honest that sunset picture was nice but it was such bad quality. Also I didn't like my caption as it was really depressing and downgrading on myself. So I decided to make a change to my blog. I have edited the amount of posts on my home screen, I have changed the width of the bars. I have changed some of the fonts. Most of all I have changed my header image and I love it. I am aware that the blue does not go with the pink but I love the pink background and I love my headline image. I am hoping this new look for my blog will also bring a new year and a new outlook. If I surround myself with the things that make me happy then surely it should have an effect on my feelings.

Scarlett x

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