Friday, 25 December 2015

I am so thankful for what I have been given.

Hey there,

So I wanted to talk about a few of the presents I have received and just say how thankful I am for them.

iPhone 5s: As many of you will know iPhones are very expensive. My phone (Samsung Galaxy Fame) came to the end of its two year contract this Christmas. I have been looking at iPhones for a very long time but I understood that my parents could not afford them and I was fine with that. I was grateful for the phone I had. My dads friend was selling his old iPhone 5s which was good quality but cheap compared to the RRP. So he bought it for me and he surprised me with it. He gave it me and he said that I meant to much to him. He said that he knew this year had been hard on me and that all he wanted in the world was for me to be happy. The fact is I didn't think my dad thought that way about me. I didn't know how to react. I just burst into tears. I was not crying over the fact he had bought me an iPhone (which I was very happy about don't get me wrong), I was crying over the fact that this is the first time in all of my memory that any one of my family members have told me how much I meant to them. This was the best Christmas gift I could ever of asked for. Material gifts are nice, of course, but the thing is money can buy you some things but it cannot buy you true happiness. Having people who show they love you and people you will forgive you, who will do anything for you is the best gift ever.

Kindle: I absolutely adore writing as you can probably tell from my blog. Anyway I always have to look up words which are better to use. My step nan bought me a kindle and I'm so pleased with it. I love reading but I feel like I just don't do it enough. It takes me so long to get through a book. By having this it will encourage me to read more. Also it will expand my vocabulary as if you do not understand a word you can just click on it and it tells you what it means. On top of that it gives you information if you click on a characters name which is so useful for me as I am really bad at following storylines.

Scarlett x