Monday, 14 December 2015

Suspicion of autism


I got called out of my lesson on Friday and got sent to the teaching and learning centre in my school. When i walked in i got called in to one of the offices coming of it. Inside was my pastoral manager (pm) and the head of safe guarding (hsg). They looked at me and told me to sit down. My heart began to leap as they looked extremely serious. I sat down in what seemed like the most acceptable seat, but of course as soon as i had sat there i felt awkward. They began explaining making some converstation to try set the mood, for example: how was your day, you feeling okay? I answered there questions without being closed which was suprising. The hsg told me to look at her. I looked towards her but not at her as I cannot stand making eye contact. She put her hands out parallel to each other. She said that everyone lies on this line and that i was not in the place where most people sit, i was somewhere else. She said that she thought i had aspergis, which i did not understand at the moment. I just nodded and tryed to listen to her explanation which i also did not understand. Then my pm also tried to explain, but i did not understand still. When i got home i decided to google it to find out what it was. It is a type of autism. The symptons seem to describe me.

Am i autistic?

Or am i not?

Scarlett x

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