Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Turning myself into Ariel - Get the look

Hey guys,

So when I was younger the little mermaid was my favourite Disney film, I knew all the words to the songs and I used to watch it over and over again. Last night I was just getting into bed when I started getting all these ideas of Disney get the looks I could do. The first one I went towards was Ariel. I started brainstorming ideas and then this morning I turned myself into Ariel.

I will be putting pictures of the products onto my Pinterest account so hop on over there if you want to be able to see what I look like/ what I am using.

How I made myself look like Ariel
  1. First you want to start of with your usual base makeup. I do not wear foundation but if you want to include it that's completely up to you. To cover up minor imperfections such as small spots and any redness I used the 'liquid concealer from Miss Sporty' in the colour 5048, basically just the lightest colour they do. This concealer isn't very good to be honest and it doesn't have much coverage however it is good to hide small blemishes. For the larger imperfections, under my eyes or any other areas which need a lot of coverage I am using the 'collection lasting perfection ultimate wear concealer' in the colour 1/ fair. This concealer is amazing and well worth the money. Then to set it all in place I used my 'Collection pressed powder' in 18- Ivory which does set my makeup but to be honest I don't know what it does, it reduces shine a bit. This is the only powder I have ever had however this is great for beginners/ minimal makeup.                                     
  2. For contour I firstly used the 'W7 coverstick' in light/ medium in the hollows of my cheeks. I blended it out and then placed my 'colourworks bronzer' on top of it to define the shadows. To highlight my face I used my 'MUA hide & conceal' in fair as it is quite pale. I used this on top of my cheek bones, under my contour, on my brow bones, on my chin, my nose my forehead and on my cupids bow. I paired this with some white eyeshadow to create a Kim k look as Disney characters highlights aren't shiny.
  3. Then I filled in my eyebrows as usual but focusing on the arch to make it more defined. I use the 'beauty UK eyebrow pencil' but I'm not sure what colour it is as I've sharpened it down but I think mine will be dark brown.
  4. Then I went on to eyeshadow. I covered my lid with white eyeshadow, then added a green shade over about 3/4 of the lid. In my crease I added a plum colour and then blended it in. On top of that I mixed in some purple eyeliner to make it darker. Finally I smudged purple eyeliner on my lower lash line. I don't know what eyeshadows I used as they were from box sets but I will leave some similar links below.
  5. Then I lined my eye with my 'Soap & Glory Supercat eyeliner' in the colour jet back. I used this to give my eye a cat flick.
  6. For mascara I applied the 'essence get big lashes volume boost mascara' lightly onto my lashes, then I added the 'essence I love extreme volume mascara waterproof' on the top. These mascara's are really good and they are so affordable.
  7. Lastly for my lips I used a MUA lipstick in a red colour which I think is shade 13.
So that's how I made myself Ariel from the little mermaid. I hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading,

Scarlett x


Similar to my Miss sporty concealer:
Collection lasting perfection concealer:
Collection pressed powder:
MUA hide & conceal:
Green and blue eyeshadow (Maybelline Diamond Quad Glow Forrest Drama):
Barry M purple eyeliner:

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