Monday, 28 December 2015

Updating my navigation bar

Good evening,

If any of you are hawk eyed (not in a bad way, its a metaphor!) you may of spotted that I have changed my navigation bar. Before it used to have a section called 'back to school'. I have changed this section so that it is now called 'Advice and my experiences of school'. Next year I am planning to post a lot more about school as now I am in my last year I want to share past experiences with you all. I will be linking them on this page so that they are easy to find and hopefully this will make my blog more organised.

Sorry about all the updates lately I just want to keep you all up to date will my rondevus. I don't know why I used that word but I like it so I'm keeping it in!

Thanks for being here and for making me feel so proud and happy when I see how many views I have had on my blog. The amount of work I put into it is so extreme but I never expected to get anything out of it. Yet I do, I have viewers and that's crazy to think! This is my hobby, my outlet and you guys just makes it even more worth while.

Love you lots like jelly tots,
Scarlett x

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