Thursday, 24 December 2015



So I thought I would write a quick update about my Pinterest:

In case some of you don't know I post pictures on my Pinterest account as my blogger has broke causing me to be unable to post pictures which is a bit crap. To save getting all worked up about it I made a Pinterest account to post my pictures on.

If you have checked it out you will notice a board called 'Transformations'. On this board there are PICTURES OF ME. Well me with a hella load of makeup on, therefore meaning it doesn't look anything like me. Now these pictures are on my personal (private) social media accounts and they do have the real me on. The fact is I'm sure that no body is going to find these, but if they somehow do then I do not care. The reason I made this blog was so I could express my feelings, I should not be afraid of these feelings being associated with me.

Anyway as I was saying I will post my transformations as I have such a passion for makeup and I want to share my passion with others. I am hoping by doing this it may inspire others to do what they love no matter what and to not be afraid to share the results.

Scarlett x

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