Saturday, 7 May 2016

20 questions about me


Welcome to the vanity post! I'm just joking, I just fancied doing this post for you guys.
1. I am 5" exactly. I like to say that I am 5"1 to make me feel better about myself but nope I am 5" and I am a midget!

2. At the moment I am really loving pale pink, like a baby/ pastel pink colour. According to this picture it is just classed as pink. Clothing wise I like to wear grey and black aswell as that pink colour. Oh and also I've been really into blue.
3. My favorite school subject would have to be History I think. It is the subject I hate the least. I don't particularly enjoy any of my subjects though due to the stress. If I take out the stress of it then I would say that art or maths might be my favorite. But History is my all round favorite.
4. I would quite like to either learn an instrument or a language. I was thinking about learning guitar or piano. For a language I might just continue learning Spanish as I have been studying it for the last 7 years (and I still can't understand it!)

5. Oh I'm obsessed with quotes. I don't have a favorite quote but I do really like something simple like "it will be okay". No wait my favorite quote is definitely "if you cant love yourself, how the hell you going to love yourself" by RuPaul
6. I do really like bacon... and cheese... and bacon and cheese together.

7. Does my bed count?

8. Of course not! Okay I'm pretty sure everyone uses sarcasm, it's funny! 

9. Right at this moment I am listening to the lovely Selena Gomez- Kill them with kindness

10, My shoe size is 3... I KNOW I'M A MIDGET!

11. Blueeeee

12. Chocolate Brown (with orangey-red ends)

13. Jeans, I love skirts but unless I am wearing tights I wont wear one

14. Big Hero 6. I just love Baymax so much!

15. My favorite song is Lego House by Ed Sheeran

16. I think my favorite book is Paper towns by John Green. 

17. five seconds of summer (5SOS)

18. Any holiday where I get away from school!

19. I probably should've picked a different set of questions!

20. (finally the last question!) I am currently reading Night circus, I am not sure of the author of it though. It's really good!

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