Friday, 11 December 2015

Running away from teachers - friday 11th december

Hey guys,

Today is Friday 11th December (14 days till Christmas!). To say that my day has been eventful would be the understatement of the century. Before i explain the events and how they unfolded i would just like to apologise for grammatical mistakes as i am writing this on my phone. Also i am splitting this into sections as it is very long.

As it has been mock week (well more like mock fortnight) i have been getting in to school at eight o'clock as they are holsing breakfast revision. Which is really great of them: free food and last minute preperation, well done! Anyway I was walking around our one way system of a dining room- which doesnt work- when i heard someone shouting my name. I looked to the side and saw my pastoral manager alongside the safeguarding member of staff who works in my school. My pastoral manager, lets call her miss smith, told me to follow her. So i began to follow miss smith, curious at where we were going. I asked her where we were going and she said that she had phoned in my parents. Shit...

I knew i couldnt sit in that room with both my parents whilst miss smith told them every single bit of information they know about me. So i didnt. We walked past the hall and instead of following miss smith i ran inside the hall and sat down. But i did not hide, i instead revised. In half an hour i was doing a chemistry exam and i needed all the help i could get. I was sat there revising when she came in and told me i need to come. So i lied and told her i would.

However i did not go, i went outside and waited for my exam. I looked over at my dining room and there i saw miss smith, and she was running. She ran all the way around and began storming towards me. She got up to me and said "you need to come with me now". I literally thought she was going to murder me. I went to my meeting where i got told they think i have something wrong with me.

Scarlett x

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