Monday, 11 January 2016

Winter essentials


In the UK it has finally began to feel wintery. Oh the joys of being freezing cold and there only being about 8hours of daylight, if that! Now it has began to be full fledged winter I thought I would spread with you guys my winter essentials!

  • Candles
I love candles all year round but they just seem so much more meaningful in winter. I will literally burn any candle, it doesn't bother me the scent. However one of my favourite is the Yankee candle Christmas cookie as it sound like cookies which is just amazing!
  • Jumpers
Jumpers are literally the most amazing thing in existence, sometimes I just wish I could wear jumpers all year round! They keep you so warm and cosy and they are just all round amazing!
  • Pyjamas 
Most days I stay in my pyjamas and I only get dressed if I am going out. As I have eczema I will have to change into pyjama bottoms as soon as possible to stop irritation and the pain caused by normal trousers. However wearing pyjamas makes me feel so content with life and just chill. I do suggest you get dressed (or half dressed say pj bottoms with normal tops) when you are revising as you feel more focuses.
  • Hot chocolate
When it's cold it is so nice to just have a warm drink to make you feel all fuzzy and cosy inside! This is the way hot chocolate makes me feel, loved!
  • Big coats
Literally why is it so cold? Anyway it may be below 0 degrees out but we still got to go out and we still got to do things. Having a big coat, like a parka, will literally be your saviour! It will keep you so much warmer and can make you cope when outside.
  • Beanies
Knitwear is great! Scarves, gloves, jumpers and BEANIES! I have about 10 beanies of different styles and colours. I even have one with cat ears because cats are just great! Beanies make you so warm and they look cute and they're cheap and, and, and... AHHH I love beanies!
  • Squirty cream
Hot chocolate + squirty cream = perfection
That's all I need to say.
  • YouTube videos
On those cold dark evenings all you want to do is snuggle up in bed and watch a nice YouTube video.  What I love about YouTube is there is something to fit everyone's interests. There are videos to make you laugh, to entertain you, to teach you or just to make you smile when you are down.

Thanks for reading,

Love, Scarlett xxx

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