Monday, 18 January 2016

Getting my first A*


Literally all of my friends have got A*'s in the past as they have that one subject they are just really good at. I had never got an A* and it made me sad, I know its stupid to say but one of the things I want to achieve is to get one A* in my GCSE's.

In case you don't know an A* is the highest grade you can get in your GCSEs (finals).

We did mock examinations in December and today we got the results back. I was terrified, but exited. I just wanted to get them back as I was tired of waiting. I walked into my English class and my teacher handed me my paper.

I screamed!

My eyes started watering up as I looked onto my paper and saw that I not only had got an A* but I had also got the highest in my class! I had beat the girl who always gets A*s in everything. To be honest I was embarrassed, but the pride I felt was unreal.

Once I have got all of my results back I will make a post telling you them. As for now thanks for reading,

Scarlett x

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