Wednesday, 6 January 2016

DIY revision hacks


Revision is one of those things which you never truly know how to do it correctly. In England most of the schools are back in (pray for me) so let's kick start a new year. I want to be on my revision game this year as to do the best I can in my GCSEs. I thought I would make this post to not only remind myself but also to help you guys. These tips are what I find useful so let's hope you do too!

Plan ahead
List your assignments/ due dates as soon as you find them out. Then decide a date of when to start working on it and a date of when you want it done by. This should ensure that you get your homework and revision completed in time. I know revision and doing homework may not seem 'cool' but doing it is going to benefit you're grades and it will teach you to be prepared for later life.

Make lists
To do lists were literally my holy grail last year. I would get home every day and write down everything I wanted and needed to do that night. Then I would highlight the things that had to be done by the next day and make sure to do them first. After that I would do all of the other things. Then I will do any other revision I can depending on how tired I am or how much work I have down. I know this sounds like it's a lot of work but it will be worth it in the end when I get the grades which make I am proud of.

Take breaks
I know you may want to spend every minute of the day before your exam revising but that will not benefit you in a good way. You have to allow yourself to have breaks in order for your brain to function correctly. I would work for about 45minutes and then have a break. You have to discipline yourself. You can spend your whole day binging a season of vampire diaries but when it gets near to exam time you need to limit those episodes. Watch one or two but then do one or two hours of revision. If you are finding it really hard to revise then for every one page you read or write then let yourself have a five minute break, say a YouTube video or something. Then you can do 6pages and you will have half an hours worth of break which you have built up. Set yourself realistic goals and realistic breaks.

Reward yourself for your achievements
Did you just take a final exam? Then celebrate in whatever way you want to. When I had my final Spanish exam me and my friend hung out together and watched films and danced a hella lot! However your goals don't just need to be for big things they can be for the little things. Say you followed your revision timetable for the first day ever then reward yourself. Stop revising half an hour earlier and just chill. Set yourself small goals as well as large goals and reward yourself for all of them. This will encourage you to work harder. You're achievements however big or small are still things you have acomplished and you should celebrate that.

I hope this has been helpful to you people and just writing it has been useful for me. If you have any other tips then just tell me and I proborbly write another blog post.

Thanks for reading!

Scarlett x


  1. I'm revising at the moment too and this is definitely useful xx ❤️