Thursday, 28 January 2016

Distraction from your phone whilst working

When revising you procrastinate by thinking about not procrastinating! It is impossible for you not to procrastinate so there is no point pretending that there is.
When you are revising your electronic devices are the most desirable thing ever. Nowadays and especially to our generation we find it hard to be drawn away from our mobiles and other electronics. Studying is more important than going on your phone and I hope we all know that but when revising your phone seems like the most important thing ever. I have a few suggestions on how you can combat this urge to be on your phone.

1: give your phone to someone else
If you feel like you cannot trust having your phone in your possession or in your room then give your phone to someone else. If you are at home then give your phone to a family member. If you are at school then you can ask one of your teachers to look after your phone or one of your friends. This will make sure you concentrate on your work as you will not be temped to go and get your phone. Best of all this works for everyone not just for me. A similar concept is used in my school. During school hours we are not allowed our phones out and if we do have them out they will be confiscated and then we will be punished. When you first here it this sounds so bad but this means that in lessons you do not have that distraction. People will still go on their phones but if they're caught then they will be given a detention and therefore will not do it again (maybe!). So if this type of concept works inside school then hopefully it should work for you guys.

2: turn of your phone and put it away
If you don't feel comfortable giving your phone to somebody else and you would like it near you but you would not like the distraction then just turn it of! Instead of turning it of and leaving it by you where you will most likely end up turning it back on and going on it put it away somewhere safe where you can't see it. Say you have a chest of draws put it inside there or put it on your bed if you are revising on your desk. Put your phone in your bag or your jacket. Or put it somewhere far away from you. This will mean that you are less likely to go on it as you physically have to get up, walk to it and then turn it on. During this time you will most likely of decided it is not worth your effort and would have gone back to your work.

3: put your phone on silent
If you want your phone on so that you can use it to revise, or so you can write the next chapter of that essay you have on your notes. Do you need to read up about stem cells for a research project, or edit your YouTube video and you keep on getting notifications? If you are getting distracted by your phone constantly buzzing from that one friend who is badgering you to FaceTime them even though you have told them a hundred times already that you can't because you are busy then you have to be selfish to yourself and mute them. If they are a good friend then they will be understanding of the reasons why you muted them. If they're not understanding then it will be their loss when they come to the exam and they don't know the answer because they were not revising. Or they will be the one asking for shoutouts when your YouTube channel gets a large following. They will proborbly be the person who is asking to copy someone's homework outside the class. If your phone is on silent you will not get distracted from people who do not understand why you are working. It is your choice to work or not to work, please do not be rude to those who wish to do otherwise.

School is one of the most important times of your life. Whether you like it or not how hard you tried in school will have an output in the rest of your life. You shouldn't let school ruin your friendships but you do have to realise that sometimes it will be more important to not go to that party and to stay in and revise. You have to be harsh on yourself in order to succeed. In the end of the day hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

Scarlett x

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