Friday, 15 January 2016

I hit one thousand views


I took a little break from my blog for a couple of weeks as I was not feeling happy in my life. I started to cut out my friends, my family and all support. I decided to come onto my blog today as I was going to write a blog post. When I came on here I saw the MOST AMAZING THING EVER!

I did not just hit ONE THOUSAND VIEWS, I exceeded it! Today my blog has been viewed 1041 times. That's one thousand and fourty one times that someone has clicked on my blog, that someone has read one of my posts.

THANKYOU SO MUCH! Even if you have clicked on my blog for the first time and you're like who is this weirdo (I'm Scarlett!) or if you are subscribed to my channel and you read every single one of my posts, you have gave me this amazing achievement. You have made me smile the biggest smile that I have done in such a long time. I never expected anyone to read my posts and I still don't understand why people do. I love my blog and I love writing on it, this number is insane!

Thankyou for reading and thankyou for helping me reach this accomplishment. This is not just for me it's for you guys!

Love, Scarlett x

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