Saturday, 23 January 2016

Mock results- December 2015


As promised I will be sharing my mock results with you guys today. I am not disappointed in the results I got even though I have failed some of them. As for Spanish we were doing a foundation paper and we had not been taught anything for the exams as we had been focusing on our coursework. I also did not pass in physics but I find it so hard so I wasn't expecting to.  I am really pleased with my English and also with my chemistry as I didn't think I would do that well.

Biology: C
Chemistry: C
English: A*
Maths: B
Physics: D
Religious: A
Spanish: D and E

I didn't have a mock exam in ART or history which explains why it seems like I don't have many results.

If any of you have done mock exams or even your real GCSEs feel free to share them with me. Good luck for anyone taking their exams this summer, we can do it if we try our best.

Scarlett x

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