Saturday, 12 March 2016

The muffled voice

There was an eery silence in the air. Almost as if you can hear someone screaming, begging for help. A fog covers the landscape, seeping into your brain. You can't control yourself, you can't get the bellowing out of your brain. The cries get louder and louder but no one is there. You limbs are pulled back by an immense pressure and held into the most uncomfortable position. An invisible force pushes you forward towards the faded lake. Suddenly you're drowning, struggling to breathe; to keep your head above the water. You try to scream but your voice is muffled by the ice cold lake invading your lungs. Your body begins to fill up with the water as you find it harder and harder to swim. The tiredness paralysis your brain and before you know it you will sink. You become the muffled voice screaming from the bottom of the lake, haunting the vulnerable, taking them to their death.

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