Saturday, 26 March 2016

Baby steps


Lately I have become really ashaimed of my mental health. I broke of any support systems I had, I isolated myself from my friends, I allowed my anxiety to convince me that no one cared and I pretended to be fine. In hindsight people may have thought I was okay but I was getting worse and worse and worse.

I broke down. For the first time in a while I had a full blown mental breakdown and it was scary. Worst of all it happened at home. My mom came in because she could hear me crying and for once she asked me what was wrong. I sat there my voice muffled by my own tears it was almost as if I was drowning and I couldn't speak. Finally I managed to say something: "I just want to be better"

Even though I didn't really open up about anything it was the first step I've ever took to speaking about my feelings to my family members. My mom said she would phone school to try and get my support system back in there and get me a doctors appointment. I know it's hard opening up as what I'm feeling makes me so ashaimed but when I'm better I will know it's worth it.

Love Scarlett x

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