Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sixteen years - A poem

When I was 2 I would cover my skin,
Tights in summer,
Jumpers in spring.

When I was 4 I would cry in the morning,
Begging my mom never to leave

When I was six I would play alone,
Abandoned at playtime,
Isolated and forlorn

When I was 8 I made my first friend,
We would laugh and sing,
Play tag in the road.

When I 10 I became insecure,
Shut myself away,
Refused to talk.

When I was 12 I was treated as an alien,
Bullied and ridiculed,
Gross was my name

When I was 14 I was deep into depression,
Suicide was a valid option,
I cut open my veins

Now I'm 16 I wonder will it get better,
A history of loneliness,
An ill brain,
Why has it happened to me?

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