Thursday, 17 March 2016

10 hour ART exam


Art was my favourite lesson in year 9 but as soon as I got into year 10 and I was doing it as a GCSE I began to really dislike it. My teacher took a lot of control over my work in year 10, telling me what I should do. He didn't take into account my personal preferences he just assumed what I would be good at. So for all of year 10 and up to the start of 2016 in year 11 I was doing something I didn't have an interest in, meaning I hated my art lessons.

When we came back from the Christmas holidays we got given our exam paper for art. We were meant to be allowed to pick which artists we wanted to do and I was planning on picking Walt Disney along with someone else. If you have seen my portfolio you will know that I love drawing Disney characters. My teacher said otherwise and would not allow me to use that artist. So again I am stuck doing artists I'm not that keen on, but I do enjoy it more than the coursework. The reason I don't enjoy art this year is because of the observations and just the short space of time we had to do the work. I spent every single minute possible working on my art from the start of January to the 14th of March. Our exam was on the 15th and 16th March. After sleepless nights and hours spent slaving away I finally got it done.

For our exam we had ten hours (5 hours each day) to paint and produce our final piece. I loved it. I knew I had enough time to finish all my work; I didn't rush but I didn't work slowly either. I just worked. We had 4 two hour periods and 2 one hour periods over the two days and both of those sessions went so quick. I was honestly enjoying it and I found it so relaxing.

I guess what I'm trying to say is if you enjoy art I recommend picking it. Don't do what I did and let your teacher control your choices because then you will enjoy the subject a lot more than I did. Make sure to start the work and get it done as soon as possible so then you have time to focus on other things. Last of all if you end up hating it like I did just remember it will be so worth it at the end as you know how hard you worked.

Scarlett x


  1. I am studying art and I'm just trying to keep calm and breathe before we have to start preparing for a 10 hour exam. I love that you're so creative!

    1. I really enjoyed the 10 hour art exam. Make sure you steady yourself and bring some comfort food. I bet your exam will go fine X awe thankyou