Friday, 1 July 2016


Hey my beautiful people (yes I'm talking to you!)

On Friday 24th July was my prom. At my school (and most school's in England) we only ever get one prom and that's at the end of year 11 after all of our exams are over. Also in England you don't get 'asked' to prom you can just go with whoever you want, some people even arrive on their own.

I went with my best friend (who is at least 5"7 and I'm just about 5") and we went in a fancy car which I think was a Mercedes.

Prom is meant to be the night when you feel like a princess but I honestly hated everything about the way I looked. I liked my dress but that was about it. I looked horrible in all the photos and I didn't really allow myself to enjoy it until about an hour before the end.

We could arrive between 7 and 8 but the actual party lasted from 8 until midnight. Prom was amazing and I would recommend you to go as once you allow yourself to unwind you will have fun.

I bought my dress from House of Frazer and it was around £60 in the sale. It was a midnight blue but in the photo it looks quite a lot brighter than it did in real life.
My dress
I did everything myself: my hair, my makeup and my nails. I would recommend you to get someone to do something but I managed alright on my own (apart from the stress). The reason I hated my look so much was my hair as I had it half up and half down as to be able to see the dress but it just didn't look that nice to be honest.

My advice is to plan and TEST everything in advance. You don't want to be rushing out to the shops the morning of prom like I did! I made a schedule of each timing when I needed to start and damn I thought I had gave myself too much time but I didn't even have enough time to take a selfie. So make sure you start at least half an hour before you were planning to. That half an hour really won't make much difference to the lasting time of your hair/ makeup.

Scarlett xxx

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