Saturday, 9 July 2016

What I miss about school


Isn't it crazy thinking I've spent the last 13 years in school from the age of 3 until the age of 16 and not its all just suddenly over. I am never going to study in a school again. I am going to a college so at least I'll still be in education, but I know it wont be the same.

To be blatantly honest, I miss school. I miss the safety of it, I miss the routine and I miss knowing everyone. I miss the teachers I had made a good relationship with and I miss hating those who weren't all that nice. By the end of year 11 though all the teachers become really nice. They are so supportive and just want you to enjoy your last days at school. They will help you so much with exam preparation and when they see you after your exams they seem so immensely proud.

I went to a good school. Not good in the eyes of the government, I mean we failed ofstead, but compared to what I hear about other schools, ours is great. Our teachers are so creative in the ways they teach, they're so interesting and caring. My maths teacher for example would sit with me for ages helping me to get the gist of it. I was in top set so I was the only one most of the time who ever needed help but again and again he would ask me if I needed help and never think I was stupid. I'm glad my teachers knew about my mental illnesses as it meant they would know why I wouldn't write a thing, or keep my head down the whole lesson, or need to leave multiple times. They got me. Our teachers seemed insane at times. They would dance, they would swear and they would tell us the most unappropriate for school stories. But we needed that. We were 15-16year olds, some of us were old enough to have a child so they treated us like adults. I miss it like hell. I became dependent on those teachers. My history teacher, he knew that I would sit there with my head down all lesson. My English teacher, she knew that I lacked all faith in myself and she would tell me time and time again that she believed in me. My pastoral manager knew that I could never tell her how I felt so she got me to write it down or she just told me that she would be there for me. It finally became a time when people knew what I was like. Now I've got to do it ALL again.
So I am going to list a few things which I will miss. Some of these things may still happen at college but I wanted to write this post now!

  1. We had a 5 minute grace time which we had to get between lessons which was sort of stupid because one side of the school to the other takes like 4 minutes WITHOUT any people in the way! So imagine that but with everyone there. It was like a challenge that we had to do. Somehow though we would always decide it would be best to spend most of that time gossiping and then we would run to lesson. I'm going to miss that! It was always fun and I was always successful!
  2. PE. Yes I did just say that! My PE teacher had literally no expectations on me at all. She used to allow me to sit away from the class on my own all lesson as she knew about my problems. In college all my lessons I'll have to actually try in. But PE we didn't get a GCSE from and I never had to do anything, so it was great for me as I could just chill!
  3. Movie/ party days. This didn't really happen much in year 11 but in all the other years every single time before we had a holiday we would just spend the lessons watching films, having a class party or just talking and eating food. We wont have that in college!
  4. I will miss my friends. I only have one friend out of school and all of the rest of my friends went to my school. Its going to be sad going to college in September and not having all my friends there
Have you guys left school? If so what do you miss? If not then enjoy it whilst it lasts. Treasure it. Don't always stick to the rules (but don't be too bad you get into serious trouble). Have fun! Don't take it too serious (unless you're in year 11!)

Scarlett xxx

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