Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Leavers assembly


My school, being the weird ass school it is, holds a leavers assembly every year. This assembly is always after all of the exams are finished and when the year 11s have completely finished school. This may not seem weird but damn, its weird! Everyone goes in fancy dress, including the host and its so strange as its 9o'clock in the morning and everyone is dressed up. The assembly is filled with embarrassing photos and videos aswell as the host cracking a terribly bad joke every second.

We had awards dedicated to the best butt, a student stripper who ran down the hall with everything hanging out and a slut dropping teacher!

Me and three of my friends dressed as 5 seconds of summer in their music video Don't stop. I was Calum Hood aka Calpal so I got to wear the sexy colour of green and yellow! Gosh walking home was so embarrassing! Cars kept honking at us!

So this was on the 28th July, the day I officially left school!

Scarlett xxx

P.S. I'm really sorry for the bad quality of writing and sentence structure in this post, I really wanted to write but its turned out so shit! I'm a bit rusty, it's late and I'm not in a good mindset!

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