Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Disney Tag


I am such a Disney lover so I thought this would be a perfect tag for me to do. Hope you enjoy!

#1 Favourite Princess
At the moment my favourite is Belle, I just love her so much!

#2 Favourite Prince
Flynn Rider from Tangled

#3 Favourite Couple
Rapunzel and Flynn

#4 Least Favourite Princess
Ah this is really hard as when I was younger I really didn't like Cinderella but now I love Cinderella. I would have to say Eudora from princess and the frog simply because I know nothing about her!

#5 Least Favourite Prince
The prince at the start of Frozen! Does he count?

#6 Least Favourite Couple
My least favourite would have to be Snow White and her Prince.

#7 Favourite Dress/Outfit
Aurora, I used to dream of wearing her dresses when I was little as she was my favourite princess.

#8 Least Favourite Dress/Outfit
I would have to say Mulan...

#9 A Princess Who Inspires You
All of the princesses inspire me in a different way (which I will write a blog post about soon!) but I would have to say Rapunzel

#10 Worst Decision Made by a Princess
Probably Ariel, she just isn't a good role model and makes bad decisions all the way through.

#11 A Villain You Feel Was Justified in Their Treatment of [the] Princess/Prince
Ursula as Ariel was the one who went to her.

#12 A Princess You Would Like to Trade Places With
Definitely Belle

#13 A Princess Whose Life You Would Hate to Have
Cinderella as it must of been really hard for her to be treated that way and I really sympathise towards her.

#14 A Princess You Think is a Bad Role Model for Young Girls
Ariel! She is not grateful for the things she has, she crashes parties, falls in love with a man for his looks, only cares for materialistic things, Okay I'm done

#15 Favourite Tiara
Cinderella's tiara

#16 Favourite Song Sung by a Princess (can include duets)

Would have to be when you wish under a star (if that's what its called!)

#17 Least Favourite Song Sung by a Princess (can include duets)

I love all their songs, even this one, but if I have to pick I’ll say When will my life begin. It was just too poppy for Disney but the end is so great!

#18 The Princess With Whom You Would Be Best Friends

Belle or Rapunzel.

#19 The Princess With Whom You Would Be Frenemies
None. I love them all.

#20 The Princess You Would Openly Hate and Be Enemies With
As I said, none.

#21 The Princess You Would Dress As for a Halloween/Costume Party
Belle, because she’s the only brunette.

#22 List Three Admirable Qualities About the Princess You Named on Question number #4
Merida is brave, she knows what she wants, and she seems to have what it takes to be a good queen.

#23 A Princess You Feel Didn’t Deserve Her Happy Ending
They all deserved it. They are all good people who deserved a happy ending.

#24 The Happy Ending You Feel Didn’t Make Sense/Was Too Easy
None of the endings were to easy. I mean, if they executed Mulan because she was a woman this wouldn’t be a Disney-movie.

#25 Favourite Sidekick

#26 Most Interesting Story
In my opinion it is Beauty and the Beast

#27 Best Singing Voice
Cinderella just hits it for me.

#28 Edge of Your Seat: The Moment You Find Most Exciting
Literally every Disney film has me on the edge of my seat, probably when Rapunzel escapes in Tangled.

#29 If You Were a Disney Princess, What Would Your Story Be?
Belle’s story!

#30 What Do You Want to See from the Next Disney Princess?
Just a nice, caring girl, hopefully one that will promote education and hard work to the young girls and boys who watch it.

Thanks for reading!

Love, Scarlett x

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