Saturday, 28 November 2015

My horrible college experience


Today I visited a college in the city centre which I didn't particularly want to go to but I thought I would apply there as a back-up. This college only did BTECs for 16-19 year olds which meant I could only pick one thing to study, so I picked Early years & Childhood studies.

The first thing I noticed about the college was that it resembled a hospital. There was so many rooms and it was so neutral coloured. Any large open areas (there wasn't many) were occupied with seats which made them look like waiting rooms. To make it worse the classrooms were tiny which meant that they were really claustrophobic feeling. On top of that they made me think of those meeting rooms in hospitals where you only go in for the doctor to tell you bad news.

When I spoke to an early years staff I found it extremely awkward as she made me sit across from her on this table and she was speaking to me like I was a five year old. She did not seem approachable, or kind in that matter. She seemed very stern. When speaking to her it made me think of when your teacher keeps you behind after class and has the conversation that you aren't trying, your work isn't good enough or you're going to fail.

The fact is not one part of the college seemed approachable accept the art department and I don't even want to study any type of art at college.

Scarlett x

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