Monday, 30 November 2015

Mock exams

Hey guys,

As I am in year 11 I have already had one set of mock exams last year but I am having my second set starting this Friday. In this post I thought I would give some advice about mock exams as they're very stressful, but I will also be answering some general school questions.

1. Do you like school?
No, I do not like school in general, it is too stressful and I'm always so sad there. However I like my school. My school failed ofsted so it is classed as a bad school however like most bad schools it means the staff care so much about each and everyone of you. They don't expect you to reach unrealistic targets but instead they will guide you so you can reach the targets you set yourself.
2. What are you excited and/or nervous for this year?
To be honest at this moment I am trying not to get excited for anything as I need to focus on other things like revision, but I am seeing my best friend on the 12th December and I am just so excited about that. I am nervous as I am applying to college and I want to get into a good college but I just don't think I'm smart enough

3. What Subjects are you taking?
All the subjects I have are Art and design, Biology, Chemistry, English Language, English Literature, History, ICT GCSE, Mathematics, Physics, Religious, Spanish

4. What's your Favourite Subject?
Honestly I don't really like any of my subjects. But at the moment I am enjoying Art the most as I am such a creative person and I am working on my final piece which will allow me to be extremely creative.

5. What's your least Favourite Subject?
My least favourite is Physics as I don't enjoy any sciences and find them extremely confusing. On top of that I have it as a double lesson on Friday morning

6. What's your schedule like?
The normal timetable is set out like 1st period, 2nd period, Break, 3rd period, 4th period, Lunch, 5th period. However during exam time out lunch is changed until after third period instead of after 4th. Each of our lessons are an hour each. On Monday I have Maths, Biology, PE, English, Art. Tuesday I have English, Spanish, Maths, Religious, Chemistry. Wednesday: Chemistry, Religious, IT, Spanish, Maths. Thursday: Biology, History, English, Art, PE. Then Friday I have Double physics, History, IT and English

7. Do you do Extra Curricular Activities?
No, not anymore. Unless revision classes count.

8. What's your favourite thing about your school?
As I said earlier all of the staff really care about you and push you to succeed in a motivational way not a threatening way. They always care about your wellbeing and they realise that you cannot achieve your potential if you are not well. Also they will always give their time to you. They will stay in for hours after school, come in early and on weekends to support you in your work.

9. Tips on how to survive a Boring Lesson?
My tip is to try and concentrate. Do what the teacher is asking you to do because it is important to get as much practice as possible. If that still doesn't work then try to make the lesson less boring.

10.What Grade were you in when you first started wearing makeup to school?
I wore tiny bits of makeup on and from year 7 to year 10. Then in year 10 and this year I have started wearing a lot more makeup.

11. Where do you like to go shopping for Back To School Supplies?
Literally anywhere that sells cute stationary.

12. What are 3 non-beauty essentials you have to carry in your backpack?
My inhaler so I don't die, a notebook/ diary and tissues as I am always ill.

13. What are your School Related Goals?
 I want to be more confident and pass all of my GCSEs

14. What do you want to do when you Graduate?
I want to go to college and study psychology, sociology and English literature. Then train to be a teacher or something else where I can work with children.

15. How do you balance Friends, Family, School and your Internet life?
I just go one day at a time and try to do my best.

This is all I'm going to write today so thanks for reading,

Scarlett x

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