Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Talking about my dad- part 2


I suggest that you read part one first, so you understand what has been going on.

During this time, I contemplated running away from home every day, I would try to stay at peoples houses as much as possible. I used to wish that he would just leave, as bad as this sounds, and never come back. I didn't want to live in the same house hold as him, the way he made me feel made me not want to live at all.

On the 11th of march, which is 6 days after my birthday,  he called me a piece of shit again. But not just that, he moaned at me for going to the toilet, he moaned at me in front of my family and they just watched, like it was completely normal. It seemed as though he takes out his anger on me but yet no one seems to notice, no one seems to care. I wrote "I'm tired of crying in the bathroom because of him. I'm so, so scared of him"

By this time I hadn't told anyone (I know in my last post I said that I had but I have just re read my diary and realized I was still alone in this matter)

In June it was still continuing and I was drained. I was so exhausted from the constant terror I felt. I was fed up from the ridicule and I just wanted my dad out of my life. June was the month of mocks and on the 15th we found out our maths results. I got a B which I was so proud of because I find maths really hard. when I got home my dad was sitting there and as soon as I walked in he started shouting saying a B wasn't good enough. (bear in mind my brother is smarter than me but he only got a C as he didn't study but my dad didn't say anything to him.) He said that I was a piece of shit and that I was stupid and needed to get As in everything.

I continued to avoid him but I couldn't keep it in. So that's when I contacted childline and on the 9th of August I got told the most hurtful thing I had ever heard...

Scarlett x

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