Wednesday, 28 October 2015

How I deal with stress


If you have been reading my posts then you may of gathered that I am a person who is easily stressed. If not then hey! So I don't deal with stress all that well and I do have anxiety but I wanted to share my ways of dealing with stress.
Be organised

Whether this is within your schoolwork, your job or just every day life, if it makes you less stressed then do it. As I am in my final school year I am starting exams and my first exam may not be until next June but I know that the more I start preparing now the less I will stress later. I have drew up a revision timetable with what I am studying, what times, any other priorities I have and always some free time. This has helped me feel a lot less stress as I feel more encouraged and productive. So if you aren't studying there are other ways you can be organised whether that it writing to do lists or having a notice board: there will always be something to suit you.

Let yourself have some down time

Yes you may have your maths exam tomorrow or a job interview but you still need to have some time to just chill. Leave an hour where you can watch TV or 20 minutes where you can just sit in the garden. If you spend all your time focusing on that thing then you will be more likely to mess up. Like if I had a big exam tomorrow I wouldn't be spending my whole evening studying I would watch a film, comfort eat and dance to music. Find your thing that de-stresses you, it may be a bath, playing the piano or doing your makeup. The night before what you have been stressing about do that thing, have fun! Laugh, sing, dance, make a fool out of yourself, it will benefit you not only short term but long term as well in the short term you are happy in the long time you will come out on top.

Surround yourself with positive people

Don't spend the night before a big exam on your own worrying be with your friends and have some fun, if you still want to study then study together. It may not be that effective but it will really help you forget about your worries. Their positivity will rub of on you when you most need it so watch TV with your family, play basketball with your friends in the park, if you are having fun with people who are also having fun your stress will just float away.

Talk to someone

If you are feeling stressed then talk through why you are with someone. They can make you realise that you don't need to worry about it or they can help you deal with that problem as a problem shared is a problem halved. Talking can get your negative energy out and even if nothing has changed you will feel more positive by not having it all bundled up inside you.

Get an early night

Are you starting a new school tomorrow? Or are you performing in the town talent show tomorrow? If you are stressed about something which is happening the next day make sure you go to bed early. Sleep can have a good impact on how stressed you are and if you awake feeling refreshed you will automatically feel less stressed.

If you are worrying about something that has already happened then you will have to realise that you cant change the past. Everything has happened for a reason and regretting it wont change a mistake. You can try and fix it by apologising and showing someone it was a mistake which will make them see you are a strong person for having the courage to try and fix it. Everyone makes mistakes in life and the sooner you realise that and learn how to move on the better. There is no point stressing on the past, I know that you don't mean to but just sit yourself down and give yourself a good talking to.

Thanks for reading,

Love, Scarlett x


  1. "Be organised" that's what i am currently trying to do. I always like to cram, and only do my school works the day before the due date. And, another bad habit of me is that I study my notes right BEFORE the exam day. And i really regret it. But this upcoming new quarter, I'm going to punch myself if I don't stick to my schedule.

    Nice tips! I really have to try them.

    Lumiere, Jade.

    1. Sorry that I didn't reply earlier, I haven't checked my comments. As for the school work I am beginning to get the same by doing it the night before as I am always so busy. However just as long as you do the homework that's what matters. If you get stuck speak to your teachers I'm sure they will be understanding like mine are.

      As for studying just tell yourself how much you want to do well and have that aim where you can see it. Then every time you try to slack you will see it and be inspired.

      Hope this helped x