Saturday, 5 September 2015

Summer 2015- June -Exams, DofE and A lot of drama

Hey guys,

A lot has happened over Summer but now it is over. I have decided to look back over it and tell you all about it. I am really sorry that this will be long but I really wanted to post this. All the main points will be highlighted so you don't have to read it all, I guess this is more just for me to look back on.


Week 1- The first of June I was back at school (think there was a half term holiday or something). The next day I went to a sixth form for the day to experience what it would be like when I leave school and it was a really good experience. I suggest you do take advantage of things like this as you don't know how its going to turn out. Before I went I had my mind set up that I didn't want to go to a sixth form college but now I've been I would love to go there. On the Wednesday of that week I got accused of cheating in Biology (which I didn't btw- what's the point of that) and on the Friday I told a boy I liked him- he didn't feel the same way back!

Week 2- I got told that I didn't get to be a prefect which sort of sucked considering all my teachers said I would be good for the job. When I looked back on it I sort of realised I'm not ready for the responsibility and I wouldn't of been brave enough to stand up in front of the school etc. On the Thursday of that week I had my duke of Edinburgh FINAL, I still had to go to school that day but at half 4 we all met back at the school and we travelled to where we were camping. We set up the tent, played Frisbee with everyone, me and my friend tried to do the yoga challenge, we told scary stories around the campfire and I wore my teachers sassy hat! The next day we walked around 12 miles and the only way I can explain it is that it was hell. A girl in my group had a mental breakdown, my sleeping bag rolled down a valley, my friend put blue sun cream all over her face and we all just sort of gave up on life. The next day was Saturday- the day we got to go home- we only had to walk 3 miles today but I think we did a little more than that. Our spirits were higher today but the weather was awful, non stop rain! We took many photos and finally reached the checkpoint where the teachers met us to take us home. When in the car Aviccii (idk the spelling) song wake me up came on and we were singing along to it but we all got really emotional and started crying before falling asleep.

Week 3- The week where teachers became (in the lightest of words) boys genitals (you can use your imagination). My chemistry teacher kept on blaming me for talking when it was never me and she ended up giving me detention which wasn't fair. At the end I told her it honestly wasn't me and she forgave me and became a bit less of a genital. One of the PE teachers bitched about me! Tbh this is actually quite funny until I heard the whole story She was not only calling me a nerd but she was talking about my skin. (I will talk more about this in another post) I had my first mock exam on the Thursday which was maths which actually went okay. Also on this day I was 30days clean which tbh felt great! On the weekend I got hamsters which I called Ant and Dec because I am cool.

Week 4- I had a panic attack in my religious exam, luckily I managed to calm down. I spent half an hour after school in my History class alone with my teacher who was talking about this that and the other; also he went on about the exam. We had an inset day (teacher training day) which I perfected my Netflix skills instead of revising... On the Friday I proper belted it out at school. I had never properly cried at school but that was the day. I had hurt my friends feelings because she was bragging about how easy the exam was and I shouted at her because I thought I had failed. I know its stupid but it just really hurt me. Had a chill weekend- went to Cadbury world with my family then we went up Solihull where I met my friends. Me, my brother and my friends went to watch minions which I enjoyed.

Last two days of the month- On Monday was my last exam! I had Spanish and everyone finished so early, I fell asleep whilst waiting but luckily they stopped the exam early as everyone had finished. On the Tuesday we had a drop down day in PSHE. I found out my Spanish result, I got an E and a C.

That's literally my June, I will be posting the other months but not for a week or something because this took ages to write and try to condense down but I hope you enjoyed.

Scarlett x

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