Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Year 10 Advice - Organisation&Equipment - Back to School


This is continuing on in my Back to School posts. I'm sorry if these do not apply to you but I'm trying to interchange between normal blog posts and these posts.

Today I'm going to talk about how to be Organised in year 10 and what Equipment is best to have.


I'm going to start with Organisation which I did touch on in the last Back to School post but I didn't go much into detail.

As I said last time you should get into the habit of doing all homework when it is set. I know this wont be possible every day as some days you will be set more than others but just try to complete it ASAP as it will lower your stress levels and be a lot less hassle.

Also pack your bag the night before as then you will know you have all your homework and books which will save time in the morning especially if you are in a rush. I suggest double checking in the morning because if you have accidentally left a book or piece of homework in your room then you will realise and it will save you from getting in trouble at school. But if you do forget then just tell your teacher at the start of class or before class started because they are going to know if you have came up with a fake excuse and they will be less annoyed. (Of topic I know)

To make it easier you can make lists of what you need to do and their deadlines so if you do have a lot to do you can prioritise.

When it gets closer to exam season make a revision timetable where you will plan out how much time you want revising a certain subject and when. You should give more time to subjects if you struggle at them or if it is close to that exam. Also use post it notes, revision cards, mind maps and revision guides when you are studying.

This will vary from school to school but I am going to tell you what I needed for the subjects I took. There is the obvious pens, pencils and ruler. I suggest 3 pens because lets face it you're going to loose one, also have black pens for main writing as they are what you have to use in exams anyway. Pencils and rulers aren't a must have at my school but I always have one anyway. For key words/ information I would use a different coloured pen or a highlighter as it makes studying easier.

Specific subjects and what I needed for them are below:

Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology: Calculator (Not needed as much in Biology)
ART: Nothing for class but at home you will need Paint, brushes, pencils, paper etc.
History: I needed a folder, divider tabs and Polly pockets.
Spanish: English- Spanish dictionary
English: N/A

Rubbers, Glue, Scissors, Notebooks and coloured pencils would also be useful

Obviously it will vary for you but I just thought I would give you an idea of what you might need. Thanks for reading, Love Scarlett x

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