Wednesday, 9 September 2015

What's in my school bag - Stuff to take - Back to school


So I decided to show you what I take to school. So it would be what's in my school bag but at my school we wear uniforms (almost all British schools do- its a good idea) so I keep some of my stuff in my blazer as well as my bag. I'm going to be splitting this into 3 sections: My bag, My pencil case and my blazer (I do keep my pencil case in my bag though). I think I take way too much stuff to school but I'm always really paranoid that I will need everything. By the time that I'm posting this I will actually be back at school but I am still going to post these anyway.

In my bag

This is the bag which I use most of the time at school. I've tried to do a variety of angles so that you can see what the bag looks like.

View the mi-pac website here:

Now my bag is a mi-pac and it is under the premium prints section. I really recommend this bag; its really comfortable, its spacious and its waterproof. On these pictures it does look a bit flat but that's just because it doesn't have much in it. This is what I keep inside my bag:

(Left picture): So on this picture is everything I keep inside the main compartment of the bag. You can see my pencil case (which is also in the top right photo), my bandage which I use in PE if I need to cover up anything, some lozenges because I'm always ill, my sunglasses which are from Dorothy Perkins (also in bottom middle photo), an academic diary from The Works, a Polly pocket which contains homework, letters and my paperwork for DofE, then I have a red toiletries bag which has that time of month stuff in, last of all I have a deodorant- usually I would have a dove one and an impulse one.

(Top in the middle): In this photo there are my school books- well these are only science not all my books are red, then there is my student planner which we get given for every term at school and there is my academic diary which is basically the same as my student planner just cuter.

(Bottom right): So this would be what's in the small pocket on the front of my bag. It will have my hair brush, my calculator, some tissues, my memory stick, my inhaler and some hay feather tablets.

So that's all that's in my bag, I will be posting what's in my pencil case,

Love you lots,
Scarlett x

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