Friday, 18 September 2015

What's in my blazer - Stuff to take - Back to school

Hey there y'all,

I know that not many schools out there wear blazers or even uniform to be truthful but I live in England so we wear uniform. I'm quite glad we do because my family doesn't have much money to keep on buying me clothes and it would stress me out a lot if I had to pick out an outfit everyday. As I was showing you what I take to school I thought I would show you what I put in my blazer.

In my blazer

So for equipment I wouldn't have this much but this is basically what I take equipment wise.

In my blazer I would have one or two pens and pencils, a rubber, a ruler, a coloured pen and a correction pen (basically tippex in a pen). The rubber is from TESCO and it says delete on it which is sort of a private joke between me and my friends in my Spanish class because my Spanish teacher always says delete the writing on your white board. I know its not funny but anything is funny in Spanish lessons. Then the correction pen is from Wilkinson's and it came in a pack of 2. Now I don't know where the Lion King pencil is but I found it in a bag of old stationary and I got so exited because I'm a literal Disney junkie.

Inside my blazer I also have other stuff such as makeup and tissues etc.

This is everything that has a permanent place in my blazer that isn't equipment. Now I keep 5 lip items in there and you may think that's a bit extreme and so do I but I love lip items so much. So I have 2 baby lips, I have the plain hydrate one and cherry me which is a cherry red coloured and its really pretty but quite subtle so you can get away with wearing it. Also I have two of the collection lip balm, these are so moisturising and they smell amazing, the green apple one is plain and the pink strawberry one is quite pink. For lip gloss I just have one I got given and its like a coral pink colour which looks so nice on. The only other makeup I bring with me is just an AVON mascara.
Also I will have a mirror, my timetable, some chewing gum- my favourite is strawberry (even though it is banned at my school), I will have a scrunchie or hair bobbles, my inhaler and some tissues- yes more tissues!

Also I would put random things in my blazer like letters as I'm usually too lazy to put them in my bag, I would put notes like detention reminders or notes to say why you're out of lesson and then I would usually end up putting food in there so I can eat in lesson.

So, that's it in my stuff to take, I hope this was helpful and what you guys wanted. I hope you've had a nice day,

Scarlett x


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