Friday, 11 September 2015

What's in my pencil case - Stuff to take - Back to school

Hello again,

Here is the second part of my stuff to take. Today I'm going to be showing you what I have in my pencil case.

In my pencil case

My pencil case is from WHSmith's, and it is pink with orange polka dots. I did actually buy it last year but it is still on the website. This is my favourite pencil case I've ever had as it is adorable and perfect size. So here it is:
Yes I know this collage is really bad but my cat photo-bombed and I wanted to show the picture so I'm sorry about that. Anyway lets look inside...

Inside the actual pencil case are pencils, coloured pens and black pens.

My highlighters are from poundland and they are really good so don't judge. The sharper and rubber (the purple egg shaped thing) I got from Sainsbury's years ago but I hardly use it but its really good and I like it so I keep it in my pencil case anyway. Then we have the silver double sharpener which I also never use- teachers provide sharpeners in class. I have a black and white rubber which is really good because the black side doesn't take stain. My glue - which is pink yes I know your jealous aren't you- is from Wilkinson's and it was only £1 (the normal coloured glue was £1 as well so I was so getting the pink glue) and lastly we have my coloured pencils which are bic pencils. I'm not actually taking these to school though because we never use them.

I don't know if you noticed but I put elastic bands around stationary of a certain type e.g. highlighters to keep them all together. So in this picture it has them and the ones inside the pencil case. The black pens are just normal bic pens. Then the coloured pens in the middle which are great to have, the blue and purple one I have had for years but I bought the four coloured pen this year and its great, I think that it is also from bic. The American patterned pencils were a present but the yellow and black pencils are just the normal pencils you can get everywhere. I recommend these as they are really good.

That's what I keep inside my pencil case, I always make sure to have extra just in case I loose my pen on the day where I have a really strict teacher who will punish you for not having a pen... why?

Thank you for reading and stay awesome,
Love Scarlett x

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