Thursday, 25 February 2016

Something I love about myself


I've been working on this list for a while now. If you read the seven things I love about myself I did I was basically saying that I don't love anything about myself and honestly I don't. However I don't want to post nothing because Bella ( tagged me for a reason and that reason was to challenge myself.

I love my creativity

Creativity allows me to be who I am, an individual. It allows me to express myself when words cannot be found. It allows me to see the world as a blank canvas and to imagine what it could become. With creativity you see the good in everything. Even in the darkest of days there is still that flicker of light and hope. Creativity has saved me from myself and I know that may seem stupid to say because I mean look at me there's not much left saving. It is the reason I have survived each and every time I was loosing the battle with myself over these last three years. It has not won that battle for me as I am still fighting that battle each and everyday. To make it worse each and everyday it gets harder and harder because I am getting tired. They say to beat depression you have to be stronger than it. But I have never fought a battle this hard. )I know I'm going of topic here but it's all coming and I cannot stop this constant flow!) These three years have been hell, living hell. I just don't understand it. I know I have sinned God. But I am coming to you. I am coming to Heaven. I will see you soon, please forgive me for these sins. I love you.

I have had all the life I need. This life is not worth living anymore.

Scarlett X


  1. Scarlett, things are going to get better. Life is worth living. You aren't alone, I just wanted to let you know. Good things are coming, you just need to be patient. I understand how you feel, you can do this. I believe in you

    XOXO Bella