Thursday, 4 February 2016

People assume I am smart


At school I find it hard to understand the work quite often and whenever I ask for help the teachers usually reply with "you're a smart girl, you'll figure it out" or something like "I'm sure you will do well, you always do"

This frustrates me so much because I do not have a clue where they have got this idea that I am smart from, and even if I am smart why that means that they will not help me. The thing is I know that I am not a smart girl which makes it even more annoying. I hate it when I struggle at something and tell someone but they think I am lying because I am apparently smart.

I wish I was smart!

However I am not, I am stupid.

Let me ask you something. Does a smart person fail tests after spending so many hours revising and trying so ridiculously hard? Do they look at a page of writing and not be able to read a word of what it says? Or try to write things down but miss out so many words and not know the order of the letters or how to spell the word. Or write sentences which don't make any sense but their brain cannot correct the mistakes as it does not see them. Does a smart person spend hours crying because they cannot write and read properly and they struggle to understand so many things but no one will help them?

No they don't and that is exactly what I am like. It makes me so upset that I find it so hard to do these things that everyone else can do so easily. Why am I not like them?

Scarlett x

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