Tuesday, 4 August 2015

How to survive the summer holidays

Hey there,

You may think I'm crazy but I HATE the summer holidays. It's just too long to be away from the one place that actually supports me- school. Don't get me wrong, I love having holidays its just seven weeks is too long when your a mentally unstable teenager whose only trusts one person which ironically works at my school. So when I'm writing this it is 7days into my summer holidays and I have 42 days left to go. Yes I'm keeping track. So I'm going to share what I am doing to try not to go even more insane then I already am.

Keep Busy

Try to make at least one thing a week that you would be looking forward to. If you cant go out with anyone go out on your own: go shopping or just go to the park for a bit. By keeping busy it will distract you, even if that is just for an hour or two. Its an hour or two that you wouldn't be spending thinking about things you don't want to. When you are in the house be constructive, do a painting, make a sculpture, bake, work out, play video games, whatever it may be that works for you, do it.
Set a goal

If you set yourself a goal for over the summer you will have something to focus on. Whether that is to learn a new skill (like I want to learn French), to study for a subject you aren't too great at, to research something you are interested in or to create a short story. If you have that goal and you achieve it, whether that is literally just eating an apple every day when the holidays are over you will feel accomplished-to be honest that is an amazing feeling.

Don't keep your feelings in

I made the mistake of doing this the other day and lets just say it didn't end very well. The summer holidays are the worst time to hold your feelings in as its the time when you are most alone, you don't have school, you don't have work, there aren't many people around to distract you. When you get those bad feelings do something constructive with them- write a song, draw, dance, do whatever is best for you to get your feelings out.

One thing I want you all to do is to smile, even if you don't feel happy, just smile once a day as it can lighten your mood. No one deserves to feel depressed, but apparently happiness is easier to find then you think. You just have to realise that you deserve it, tell yourself that you deserve it, even if you don't think you do. Thank you for reading.

Love Scarlett x

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