Saturday, 6 June 2015

School night routine- exam season

Hello lovely people,

Here in the UK it is exam season. For year 11 they are having their final exams but for me in year 10 it's mock exams. I thought I would post a school night routine of what I do in exam season.

Usually I stay in school for an hour after its finished so I get home around half 4. But if I leave school at 3 I will get home at half 3. Once I'm home I spend around half an hour just getting out of school uniform and having a rest. After that I will go upstairs and see what I need to revise.

I don't have a desk and I hate revising downstairs so usually I just revise on the floor.

At around 6o'clock I will go downstairs to have my evening meal. Then depending on how much more revision I need to do and what time I finished school I could revise until 9o'clock at the latest.

By the time that I've finished I will shower, take my makeup of and get into my pyjamas. The products that I use are Micellar water (this is just a cheap one that I brought to see if I like Micellar water, I do so next time I will buy the Garnier one.), I use the simple facial wash gel (not every night about once or twice a week) and  the Clearasil superfruit refreshing pads which smell amazing.

As it is exam season I will get really stressed so I will occasionally light a candle.

I got this Lavender + Lime candle from John Lewis and it was around £8 but I had to buy it as I loved the smell and it is really relaxing. Also I really like the packaging.

If at this time it is only around 8o'clock I will watch a few TV-shows.

The TV-shows that I watch at the moment are Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon a Time, The Vampire Diaries, Glee, Misfits and The Office (US version). Also I have just finished watching Brooklyn99 which I loved. (I don't watch all these in one day though, only one or two)

By half nine I will turn of Netflix and watch YouTube videos until half 10 or 11 on my phone.

That's it! I wanted to do a routine but its hard to do on blogger so sorry if this comes across bad, I will try to improve for next time.

Stay cool,

Scarlett x

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