Saturday, 27 June 2015

Adventures with friends


One of the annoying things about having an anonymous blog is that I cant really show many photos but I just had so much fun that I'm going to share my day out with you guys.

Me and a few of my friends as well as my friends little cousin visited a farm near our houses. (yes there are farms in Birmingham). Here are some of the photos from the day.

This Shetland pony was so cute. I decided to call him Hazel (might be a girl but that's not his real name, also I know he isn't hazel coloured).
                                             My friends Cousin was feeding Hazel grass. This was the first time she had ever saw a horse so this was just adorable. She got a bit scared when Hazel nibbled her finger but she still enjoyed feeding the horse.
There was also this horse but he was being boring and wouldn't come over for a fuss. I decided to call this horse Barry because I'm cool like that and I name random animals.

I have got a lot more pictures but I'm going to end this blog post here as these are all the pictures from the farm. After this we went to a park which I guess I will make another blog post about soon.

Thanx for reading, Scarlett x

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