Monday, 29 September 2014

Just Be You :3


So lately ive been having some bad feelings about not liking the way i am and how i feel about myself.
I thought i would write this incase any of you are feeling like this too.

Theres so many things in life that we take for granted.
The simple things we do every day are things that some people cant do at all.

We spend every moment of our lives on our phones, talking to friends on a laptop, using electricity. Not everyone can do this. Yet the people in those places enjoy life so much more than us kids who have all of what we need.
Its because they cherish the things they have, they go out and have fun without texting or taking selfies between. They live life while it happens. It feels so great. Im not saying this is going to make you really happy im just saying ot makes you feel better.

Do the things you enjoy and dont let anyone tell you that you cant. Just be you and you will feel a lot better than pretending to be someone your not.

Yes, people may pick on you for not having perfect hair or perfect eyes but that doesnt matter. Not to me and it shouldnt to anyone else.

I will proborbly make a few more blogs like this but for now this is it. Hopefully on my next blog there will be something a bit different if it will work.
See you soon,
Scarlett x

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