Wednesday, 8 October 2014

High Street Store's


Isn't it annoying when you are looking for a certain item of clothing but you cant seem to find it anywhere? Or you want to look good for a date or a party but all your clothes don't fit the bill? Well surprisingly enough you don't need to spend a lot of money or buy designer labels. High street stores are becoming very good at having in the latest trends.
I have had a look onto some main high street stores and have found some great buys.

New Look

This Aztec Print Cardigan is trending this week on the new look website. Not only will it keep you warm as the weather is getting colder but you will look stylish too.
This Statement of a cardigan will be sure to get you noticed. Recommended buy, £29.99 may seem pricey but so much use will be made out of it if the weather  stays like it is now in England. On top of that similar cardigans were worn on numerous occasions in London Fashion Week. 
Layer with: skinny jeans and a tank top.


Basic Skinny Jeans. You may think they are boring but the fact is that everybody needs a pair of jeans. Whether they are skinny, boot cut, high-waisted, ripped, black, blue it doesn't matter. H&M literally have every type of jeans imaginable. If these don't take your fancy then there are others you can choose. I picked these in particular as they are not very expensive and they are in Light blue. I don't know if it's just where I live but everybody is wearing Light blue Skinny jeans, so these will fit in with the latest fashion trends of jeans. Also these jeans are high-waisted so you can wear them with a crop top or a cropped jumper. Just because its getting cold doesn't mean you cant wear cropped clothes, well if you wear them sensibly then you shouldn't be cold..
£19.99, comes in a light blue or black, a variety of sizes to choose from. 

Miss Selfridge

Gingham tube trousers. I think these trousers would look really good for any occasion. Whether you layer it with a blazer and a blouse or you wear it with a plain cardigan and a tank top. These trousers will find use in all of everyday life. Also the pattern is in for this season and because of this these exact trousers have been featured in 'LOOK' magazine.
£25.00 really cute pattern and useful for any thing.

That's all for this blog. Sorry theres not much it's just most people only like short posts from me. Maybe next week i will do a part 2 with more stores in if you want me to.

Thanx for reading,
Scarlett x

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