Saturday, 20 September 2014

7 pointless things to do when bored

Hi guys,
So one of my friends asked me to do a blog on things to do when your bored. Here it is

7pointless things i do when im bored.

Uno(1)- listen to music and fail at singing along to it. I dont just do this when im bored. Im like always singing even though i cant sing! I proborbly annoy my friends so much by doing this but it stops bordem :D

Two- get hyper. Everything is amazing when your hyper. Even the most boring thing like maths can be so funny if you and your friends are hyper.

3- Download snapchat, make yourself look as ugly and stupid as you can and spam your friends. This was the only reson i had snapchat. I was the boss at this XD its even better if your friends are doing it too because then its just amazing.

4- bit more of a normal one. Watch youtube. Youtube is my life, literally! If you are bored you cant say you dont have anything to do because youtube has endless videos you can watch to entertain you for hours.

5- Go out with your friends and have a social life 'yay' outside. If all else fails and your desperate to go out. Make some friends or if your lucky enough to have friends hang out with them.

6- dress up. Okay i know this sounds completly childish but i dont literally mean pretend to be a princess. I mean just go through your wardrobe. Its actually quite entertaning. Or you can dress up if you want!

7- MAKE A BLANKET FORT! Best thing to do in the history of the earth no arguing! If you have never made a blanket fort then where have you been?! Only joking. It is such a fun thing to do. I totally recommend.

Thats it for today. Sorry that this blog was a bit weird im very hyper and bored at the moment also this may not interest you but then im very immature so...

Thankyou for reading,
Scarlett x

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