Sunday, 7 September 2014

August favorites part 2

This is the second part of my august favorites. Hope you enjoy


Jeggins from tesco. I have to wear jeggins because skinny jeans are baggy on me. I brought these when i was shopping at tesco jist to try out but they are amazing. They are really comfortable, they are skinny and they come in a range of colours.
Peach pink skater dress from New Look is one of my favorite items of clothing. It looks good paired with a leather jacket and pumps for a casual look but it also lools amazing for a sofisticated, formal look.

Random stuff

I have these slippers that look like pandas and they are soooo cute :3 i brought them from John Lewis and they are literally the best thing in the world.
Purple hair chalk. If you want temporary purple highlights in your hair without dying it then you need some hair chalk. It works on all hair colours and hair types and it washes out.

I know this blog is quite short but ive been really busy with school and other stuff. Also i dont have that many favorite things this month. 
Recomend topics for next blog if you want to,
Thanx for reading
Love scarlett x

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