Friday, 5 September 2014

August favorites part 1

My august favorites are a bit late as I've been busy with starting a new school year.
Today I'm going to be doing my favorites for August.

Make-up & body products

My favorite eyeliner at the moment is the 'Automatic eye pencil'; by the brand W7. So easy to use and is really effective. This makes such an effective line. I got this for about £1 on offer.

I have 2 favorite lip balms at the moment my first is the 'Baby lips peach punch' by Maybelline new York. Its amazing and its only £3! The other is the small 'Vaseline Aloe Vera' tin. I think if you go to 99p stores or Savers you can get this for around £1 but in shops like body shop or super drug it can be as much at £2.50. Even though this may be pricey its worth it as it hydrates your lips so well.

Facial wipes by simple are one of the things i honestly couldn't live without. They cleanse your face so well, are really cheap and they remove waterproof makeup which most facial wipes don't. You can get these for about £2 for a small pack and £5 for a large. Maybe cheaper.

Books & Films

I haven't really watched many films lately but out of the ones i have i recommend 'The fault in our stars' by John Green. This is such an amazing film and also the book of this is also in my favorites. This is a sort of ROM-COM but it has a serious message to it.
Also i'm going to say one of my favorites is the 'Lego movie'. You may think that it is a film aimed at kids but i'm sure many teens or adults will enjoy it. My brother is 24 and he loved it so give it a try.

This is it for part 1. Expect part 2 soon
Thankyou for reading bye,
Scarlett x

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