Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Lets get to know each other

Hi guys,

So I thought for this blog I would do the get to know me tag inspired by Jodie (Link to her post at the bottom) I have realised that you don't know much about me, so I'm just going to answer these questions and if there is anything else you would like to know then just comment and tell me :)

Here we go then

1) Do I have a middle name?
Yes I do, Bethany
2) What is my favourite subject in school?
My favourite subject, that's hard. Well I really like English but my opinions on that can change depending on what we are doing.
3) What is my favourite drink?
My favourite drink is water, I know that's sad but its healthy and I really like the taste. I also like lemon & lime flavoured water, fruit juices and smoothies.
4) What would I name my children?
Well of course I would consider my partners opinions but for a girl I would name her Melody, Scarlett, Alice or Paige and for a boy Alfie or Daniel.
5) Do I participate in any sport?
I am going to start doing Netball for Duke Of Edinburgh but at the moment I don't. It's not the case that I don't like sport it's just that I'm not that keen on sport at school and there is no where else to do sport. I do like dance and athletics though. 
6)What is my favourite book?
To be honest I cant pick a favourite book that's like having to pick a favourite child! Books that I really like are: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, Scarlett by Cathy Cassidy, My Sister Jodie by Jaqueline Wilson, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, Girl Online by Zoe Sugg and lots of others.
7) What is my favourite colour?
Bright Purple and I like other bright colours, grey, black and every colour except gross shades. 
8) What is my favourite animal?
Cat, Panda and Penguin. Okay I just love EVERY SINGLE animal except spiders. I have a phobia of them, so bad I cry when I see one, TMI.
9) What is my favourite perfume?
Zoella Beauty, Blissful Mistful
10) What is my favourite holiday?
11) Do I speak any other languages?
Spanish, I'm taking a GCSE in it. 
12) What is my favourite shop?
Um... it honestly depends what mood I am in and if I have any money. I really like Superdrug and Claire's but then I also like New Look, Topshop and Hollister so... yeah. 
13) Do I have any siblings?
2 older brothers. One is 25 and 11years older then me (His birthday is in November), One is 14 and 5minutes older than me (Yes he is my twin, our birthday is in March)
14) What is my favourite restaurant?
I don't have a clue my family don't eat out much
15) Do I like school?
Yas I actually love school, this year I have been enjoying it a lot less as it is the start of my GCSE year and it is so stressful.
16) What are some of my favourite YouTubers?
I don't have a favourite my favourite is all the ones I am subscribed to. I might just put a list of all my subs at the end of this blog if you are want to see then they are there. (There are 74 so skip if you are not bothered)
17) Do I have any pets?

Yes I do, I Have 3 Cats: Scruffy the oldest he is tabby, fluffy and fat, Sam the middle one he is a black cat who is very good at catching rats and Phil the baby, SHE is a girl who is tortoiseshell and the CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD.
18) What is my favourite film?

At the moment The Fault in our stars #sorrynotsorry
19) What is my favourite TV show?

Miranda! If you haven't watched it go watch it, its amazing!
20) How tall am I?

5 foot to 5"4 people say I'm different heights but lets just say I'm quite small.

Thankyou for reading did I ever say that I LOVE YOU!

Tune in soon for another blog

Love Scarlett x

Jodie's post- http://jsg21xxx.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/the-get-to-know-me-tag.html?showComment=1421600377444#c8575032339954825524

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Have a hug :)

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