Thursday, 8 January 2015

River Cruise

Hi guys,

This is a part of my Stratford-Upon-Avon blog but I had so many photos that I thought I would do a separate blog.

As Stratford is on the banks of the River Avon we went on a boat along the river.
I'd never been on a boat before so I was quite nervous also my friend was scared of boats so don't blame me.

Inside there was tables set out with candles and flowers and it was all so cute.

The tour guide started talking about if there was a fire what to do (I was confused like why do you need to worry about a fire your on a boat you have loads of water to use.) then he talked about what to do if the boat started sinking and all stuff like this. I was thinking about all of this happening.
Way to freak us out (I didn't die by the way XD)

It turns out I love boats!

It was so nice and relaxing and the views where amazing.

The photo's aren't amazing qualities as I only had my phone to take photo's on and I was scared that I would drop my phone into the water.

It was so high up that you could touch it if you reach out the window!

But the tour was amazing. Seriously I never thought that being on a boat for 40minutes going along a river could be so good.
So Tumblr

I took so many photo's on that cruise. I've never took that many before. I will put them all below (Unless they are really bad) and you can look through them if you want to.

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you'll stick around for another one.

Please comment if you like this style blog or what types of blogs you would like me to do.

Bye for now

Scarlett x

Photo's below


Have a hug :3

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