Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Do more of the things that make YOU happy

Hi guys,

Do more of what makes you happy

So this year I have made an aim to do more of the things that make me happy as you can't count on others to bring your happiness for you. I hope that I will keep on at this as I will not only see the difference the others around me will to.

I have decided to do what I have been wanting to do for ages, post YouTube videos. On my channel I'm not going to post what everyone else does I'm going to post what I want to and my main thing I want to do are skits even if they aren't funny I just want to upload short drama pieces as I find them really fun.

Also I came back to writing my blog. I took some time of writing my blog as I was getting really upset about the feedback. One of the best things I have done was come back and write on here as I realised it was such a good way to get out your opinions. Yes I only have 2 followers (Thank you, hi you two I love you lots) and yes I don't have the most views in the world (Thank you for the 157 page views which I am currently on at the moment) and yes I don't get many views on my posts (Again Thank you for the 37 views on my posts combined- I'm British I cant help being polite sorry) but the fact is I love doing this and when I came back it reminded me of the feeling when I first hit 10 page views and I was ecstatic. Then I remember I hit 50 page views and I was so exited I was jumping round my bedroom squealing, I never thought I would actually get that many views. (If you're a boy- hello! -and it's something girls do when they are happy) Not long ago I hit 100 page views, honestly, I cried. You can't imagine what it is like. Even though this might seem like a stupid thing to celebrate but the fact is to me, it is amazing.

But now there is an even bigger thing I want to celebrate. I have hit and gone over 150 page views. It still hasn't sunk in that my page has been clicked on 150 times by people that I don't even know. And if this is the first one of my blog's you have read or this is the 5th I just want to say thank you. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to click on my blog. Even if it was a mistake thank you. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this would come true. I started my blog on my phone in my bedroom because I wanted to get things down to make sure people had something to read to help them. And now I'm basically still doing the same but on a laptop and one BIG change is that now I'm happy. My life isn't perfect I still have anxiety but the fact is I can clearly say that I don't have depression anymore. That is down to you. I'm sorry I've said it so much in this blog but...

So screw the kids at school, or the people at work. So what if your parents or friends find out do WHATEVER it is that will make YOU happy. And then maybe the things that you do to make yourself happy will have an impact on others to.
So I'm going to go now. Even though I don't want to but I have to. Last thing to say is come back soon :)
Love Scarlett x
p.s Thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Yes you right there reading this. Thanx x <3

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