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Rambling about Jessarae | July favorites


I can't believe that July is already over! Like where has the year gone! Usually I don't do favorites because I forget they exist but this month I remembered! I even wrote down my favorites throughout the month, look at me being all organised!

I don't know how you are meant to do favorites on a blog so sorry if this is bad

Food and drink

Wraps: I have literally lived of wraps this past month, I have had a wrap virtually every single day for lunch and I have no shame in that because they're so nice and actually quite healthy compared to other options. Inside the tortilla wrap I put: Ham (sometimes chicken), Cheese (grated), Salad and cucumber

Water: As boring as it seems water is my favorite drink of this month. I have such a thrilling life omg! It's been too warm and I don't like drinking fizzy pop often so it's the only thing I have to drink in the summer!


Feathers: Yes this is a beauty favourite... give me a minute to explain! I got these feathers which hung down from hair clips and they're so cool, I absolutely love them. I've only worn them a few times and people always give me a weird look for it but I think they're amazing! Plus it's summer so I feel like you can get away with stuff like this! They were really cheap aswell, I got them in a 5 for £5 at Claire's which meant they were £1 and they came with 2 clips aswell!

MUA lipstick: I've got to admit that I only own MUA lipsticks. They're really good, last a decent amount of time and are only £1!!! I currently own 4 in the shades: fawn fancy, lilac belle, shade 11 and shade 1, however I am planning to purchase some more in the future. My favorite is fawn fancy it's a really nice browny nude. The great thing is that you can buy colours you wouldn't usually as they're so cheap. 


Jessarae: I honestly cannot put into words how much Jess means to me. His music has helped me through so much and he has saved my life. Every single one of his covers or original songs are perfect. His EP is incredible. He is such an amazing human being! I 100% recomend you listen to some of his music! He is so talented and his EP nobody's human means so much to do many people.

5 seconds of summer, girls talk boys: OH MY GIDDY GOSH, WHAT A TUNE! I played girls talk boys on repeat from the moment I got up until I went to bed for a solid 5 days! I absolutely love it! It is so good! I cannot understand how it is so good!!!

Film/ TV

I don't have a film favorite as I haven't watched a film for months. I don't even know if I've watched a film at all this year. On the other hand I do have a couple of TV favorites to share with you:
RuPaul's Drag Race (and anything related to it!): This is more like a yearly favorite than just a monthly favorite but particularly this month when I have had time to watch TV programs I have became obsessed with Ru and the other queens. I love it so much! I have even began speaking like the drag queens and I watch all their periscopes, I honestly think I've got a bit of a problem! It is basically a competition where drag queens compete to find America's Next Drag Superstar. It is hosted by the most famous drag queen, my idol, RuPaul Andre Charles. Each week the queens do a challenge and the person who is the worst is eliminated a.k.a told to sashay away. I will be talking more about this on another post!

American Horror story: since I've finished school I've managed to go through 3 seasons of American horror story and I have absolutely loved it! I've watched all the ones on Netflix so I need to find a way to watch the other seasons. I don't think this is particularly scary, Murder House is probably the scariest season but even then it's not that bad. It's more gory, well it's VERY gory. I love it though, I love horror films so this is so great for me!


This month my favorite celebrity is Jessarae. He's not extremely popular but he did support for 5 Seconds of summer in SLFL. He is an incredibly talented singer who is such a genuinely nice person. I didn't know until today but he is actually related to Steven R McQueen a.k.a Jeremy from the Vampire Diaries. I really suggest that you listen to his music. He has an EP released called Nobody's human which is so amazing! Jesse is 21 (birthday is June 5th 1995) and I think is originally from California but now lives in London. Oh yeah his real name is Jesse Robitaille by the way, even though I know most people just call him Jess. I know that his dad Luc has something to do with Hockey, his brother is an actor and I think his step dad is famous as well so he has a very famous, and talented, family. Jess plays a type of acoustic rock and honestly I feel like anyone could enjoy his music. I am pretty sure he started his music career at 16 after persuing his life long dream of being a singer. So that's the best I can sum him up! Just please go listen to him!


Meeting Jessarae: I warned you in the title that I would be talking about Jessarae a lot! I was not lying. On the 19th July 2016 I had meet and greet tickets to see Jessarae. This video is the only video which was short enough and small enough in MB to upload so you will just have to listen to my awful singing. We queued up to meet him and he was so nice. We had such a great conversation and he even recognized me from some pictures I had tagged him in. He told me about his tour with 5SOS and he said that my drawings were really cool! He hugged me and laughed at jokes I said and just made m feel so happy. It was insane how kind he was! I love Jess so much, he is the sweetest person ever! He recently followed me on twitter and tweeted about me. In the past he has liked loads of my tweets and all the way back in April he replied to my snapchat message! He is literally amazing and I can't put into words what he means to me.

Thanks for reading.

Scarlett xxx

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