Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Things happen

Things happen in life that you could never imagine
 You go places you never thought you would go
 You meet people you would never have met before
 You make memories

 Life is strange thing
 You never know what will come your way
 You can never truly decide what you want to do
 Or know what will happen tomorrow

 So take chances
 Live life as if every day is your last
 Because suddenly,
 Everything could change
 And you'll never have a chance to do it again

 Kiss the girl
 tell your friends you love them
 Take a chance
 Do you thing you've always been afraid to do
Paint outside the lines
 Think outside the box
 Be yourself

 Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it
 Prove them wrong
 And do it

 There will come a time in your life
 A time when you can't do these things
 Don't live with regrets
 Make every day the best day

 Things happen in life that you are never imagine
 Good things
 Bad things
 Life changing things

 So get out of bed and tell yourself one thing
 That you can do it
 Even if every single bone in your body is telling you you can't
 Even if every single person you meet doesn't believe in you
 You can do it
 Make yourself proud
 Pushed the bad thoughts aside
 And bring forward the good
 If you believe in yourself that's the first step

 So  run like it's your last chance
 Dance like no one is watching
 Shout from the rooftops
 And follow your dreams

 Make today a good day
 Even if it's just a simple thing
 Like getting out of bed
 Push yourself
 And I believe you can do it

 Things happen in life that you will never imagine

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