Saturday, 24 September 2016

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Told you that there would be another merch post! Here it is! This one is going to be shorter than my 5SOS one, don't worry about that. This post is to show you all of the other merch I have, so any clothing which isn't 5SOS related.

Okay please don't hate me for being a Justin Beiber fan! I understand he isn't everyone's cup of tea but he is mine! His song Baby used to be my guilty pleasure song. I remember when I went to see Luke Friend live and his support act sung baby and I literally died. The whole audience was singing it and it was so cute. Anyway this is a cropped t-shirt from new look which just says #BELIEBER on it and I really like it. JUDGE ME

THIS TSHIRT IS MY FAVOURITE PEICE OF CLOTHING. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! JESSARAE IS JUST A GOD SEND OF A HUMAN BEING AND I LITERALLY WANT TO WEAR THIS 24/7. I got this when Jess toured and he came to Birmigham (and I met him) and it means so much to me. He is my favourite singer at the moment and he makes me so happy, more happy then a celebrity ever has before. I just can't believe he recognised me! Also yes caps were necessary

I know this isn't what most people would class as merch but it is technically harry potter merchandise so I am including it! I really enjoy Harry Potter. I am not a big fan of it like I can't quite remember what happens in each film and I've never read the books as the words just wouldn't process in my brain but I really love it. When I saw the new Harry Potter book I started crying in the shop as I got so emotional! Also I am so excited to go to Harry Potter world one day!

GOSH DO I LOVE DAN AND PHIL. They're amazing and I love their YouTube so much. I know they don't upload much but I get so excited when they do. This is a tshirt from their old merch and I love it. I am planning on getting something from their new merch for Christmas but I really like this old school Dan and Phil style. I think its adorable.

Incase you dont know Dan is from the YouTube channel: danisnotonfire and Phil's channel is: amazingphil

Thanks for reading this post!

Love you,
Scarlett xx

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