Thursday, 7 April 2016

Spring Style - Casual - Collab with Bella


Me and the lovely Bella have been wanting to collab for ages. We are both really into fashion and have been wanting to do a post on something to do with style for ages. As its the start of spring we decided that we would do our spring style where we show you outfits that we would wear in spring. Oh and by the way I had to stand my phone on my toilet to take these pictures! (don't worry the lid was closed and I cleaned my phone after) I hope you enjoy the 6 different looks we have put together.

Casual look number one: Biker chic

This look is a go to style which is really comfy but still looks good. I have paired some skinny blue jeans with a cropped t-shirt, a leather jacket and some black pumps. As it is spring I have added layering into this outfit because you never know when it's going to get cold or begin to rain.

Items I wore:
  • Skinny Blue jeans from the Petite range in new look
  • A cropped bandana style t-shirt from the teenage range in new look.
  • A leather jacket which I think is from primark but you can find Leather jackets almost anywhere.
  • Some cheap black pumps from primark which look and feel exactly like converse but are one tenth of the price!
  • Last of all I am wearing some adorable zebra socks from New look!

Casual look number two: girly twist

I am currently obsessed with this black checked shirt so I just had to include it in one of the looks. For this look I added a bit of pastel pink because it just screams spring.

As I'm not confident in my legs and its still quite cold I am wearing tights in this look but that's obviously your own personal preference. Also I love slogan t-shirts and this one just makes me laugh so I've added it for a bit of fun.
 You can also do the shirt up if you want. I don't like the shirt buttoned up with this look just because of the colours but I think that it would look quite cute with a different coloured skirt and shirt. I've done a picture with the shirt done up that just to give you an idea of what it would look like if you did it. The skirt is also really thick so its good for the cold weather (and its adorable!)

Items which I am wearing:

  • No Drama t-shirt from Primark
  • Black and white checked shirt from primark
  • Black tights (I'm not sure where they're from but you can get them anywhere)
  • Pale pink skirt from River Island
  • Pink converse which you can get from anywhere that sells converse

Go over to Bella's blog to see her Casual Spring outfit choices:

Thankyou for reading this post, the next spring style will be posted within a week

Love, Scarlett x

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